POLOK WELDING Company has been active in the automotive market since 1989. The company founder is Władysław Polok who, based on his broad professional experience, many-years’ experience and cooperation with renown companies, was creating his company step by step.

However, our company is created first of all by its employees – every day they look after the quality of realised orders as well as timeliness of the order realisation. It is important to mention the family character of the company, because the son Piotr works together with the company’s owner.

POLOK WELDING company’s offer includes the repair services for all types of the engine heads, as well as the specialist welding services based on the high-tech technologies, and own products such as the paste for valve seats grinding, valve seats, bushings on valve seats (also for LPG fuel), injectors holders, bushings on pump-jet valve seats and others.

The special achievement is the development of cast iron welding technology, used successfully in repairing the combustion engine heads of such makes as: Mercedes, MAN, DAF, Scania, Renault, Iveco, Volvo. For rending the services we use the equipment produced by leading manufacturers. It is worth emphasising that the company – as one of the fewest – has at its disposal the unique technology NEWEN FIXED-TURNING for the valve seats treatment.

We accept also very untypical orders for realisation. We regenerate the historical engines as well – with the greatest carefulness and consideration we do all actions to meet hobbyist old-timers’ expectations.

Since 2009 we are NEWEN machines distributor – the leading brand company in production of machines for precise treatment of the valve seats. Their full offer is available on the website www.newen.pl.

POLOK WELDING company is also the owner of Polineo brand, rending the Internet access services in the territory of the following places: Wisła, Ustroń, Istebna, Koniaków, Jaworzynka, Goleszów, Zwardoń, Milówka, Skoczów and others. You can find more information on: www.polineo.pl.